2014 Feedback:

“Just love you guys. I had an absolutely wonderful time, and I am so grateful for all your energy and effort in creating this brilliant experience for all of us.” 

“My experience on the trail resonates in me in a way that I did not know possible. I can't say what or why it has happened, but I feel awakened and connected in a fundamental way, more than I ever have in my life. The beauty of being- of experiencing essential beauty at a pace that does not exist in my day to day world. the pace, the space, the pristine quality of the land and the quality of the relationships to people.” 

“As far as I can tell, everyone felt that the experience was so special that only our group can really understand it. There is an ongoing sense of closeness that we all seem to share. I felt totally safe all of time and had complete confidence in the 3 of you. As leaders you were calm, trustworthy, sensitive to the needs of individuals and the group. To my mind this was a totally successful experience and I hope it continues and grows.”

“I have been able to hold onto a feeling that is a very basic feeling of peace, peacefulness and acceptance of things. I experienced it so fully at times on the trip, but especially in Reykjavik on my last day. A wave of sensation overwhelmed me- a sensation of pure love and joy and appreciation and loss. I can't fully talk about the sadness, or the sensation of loss- I'm not sure what that is about, but I aim to explore it/mine it as I move forward. Thinking about relationships to people, how we interacted with each other, boundaries we have, stepping out of our selves, our constructions of self.... I miss my tent buddy, I miss the conversations with new friends.... I think the loss is about the abruptness of the ending----- I feel loss of relationships that were cut short in some way, but carry on at night in my dreams... it's so strange and wonderful. I don't know how to talk about it.....” 

“The food was so perfect! The silent walking was great! Guides were very very amazing!” 

2016 Feedback: 

What was the most important part of your experience?

Looking for a stone representing what I wanted to leave behind.


The four days spent in Keflavìk away from the usual comforts. It was great to spend time away from technology and other people.

Reconnecting with the nature.

The reflection and sharing

To be open-minded to new experiences, even though they may seem strange, instead of isolating yourself.

The values of the land and it's the weather

The possibility to share some parts of you with the other participants


'Foraging was absolutely great. I think that eating what you've foraged is one of the most satisfying experiences, it makes you feel connected to the Earth'

' I don't know how, but at the end of the camp I was very happy with everyone and I managed to be more "open" with the entire group. This is one of the hardest things to have accomplished in my life'

'You've made this experience a powerful one and hopefully a milestone in my life'