Section 2: Pack Horses 

  • Logistics: 4 days of assisted camping (you carry a light rucksack only, horses &/or vehicle carry the rest); a day of sightseeing included
  • Group size: 2-3 trail leaders on trail with you at all times; maximum number of guests: 10
  • Walking difficulty: 40 Km over 3 and a half days walking, with 2 steep ascents and 1 fjord crossing by kayak
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We are extremely excited to be able to offer Section 2 as a pack-horse assisted camping experience, meaning Icelandic horses will be walking alongside the group doing what they have done for centuries: carrying luggage on routes through the mountains and valleys. 

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Having horses carry our food and equipment will allow us to roam and camp freely in the area known as the Westfjords Alps, Iceland’s oldest geological landscape, made up of extinct volcanoes and impressive hanging valleys. The first day, we have a magnificent fjord crossing by kayak, where the mountains and sea merge in an endless cycle of water. The final day we have a sightseeing day with cultural exhibits, waterfalls, saga stories and beautiful ocean-side hot springs.

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Why Horses? We find horses to have a sustained and strong wild energy which attracts and encourages creative adventure. In their company and with their help, we aim to provide an experience that connects you to the landscape, animals and each other; we are offering this section in collaboration with Simbahöllin, a passionate horse tourism company based in Þingeyri.

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July 23rd: Guests to arrive in Ísafjörður by 19.30. We will transfer to start of Section 2, enjoy a welcome meal and our first night camping.

July 24th: We begin Section 2 with a 2-3 hour paddle across the fjord in kayaks. We land on the opposite peninsula where we will be met by our horses that we’ll load up and start walking alongside. There is a steep ascent to an amazing plateau which looks out over the Greenland Sea and our campsite at the foot of the mountain.

July 25th: The morning begins on an historic old track that was single handedly built by a farmer; we are walking on the ocean’s edge, crossing crystal clear streams and passing the occasional abandoned farm house, which stand in charismatic ruin. In the afternoon, there is an optional climb to Westfjords highest peak, ‘Kaldbakur’; or you can choose to enjoy spending time with the horses and picking a site for camping.

July 26th: We begin by walking the in the aptly named valley, ‘Göngudalur’ (walking valley in Icelandic), before using sheep trails and ancient old horse and walk routes to navigate our way up and over some of Iceland’s oldest landscape, a series of impressive extinct volcanoes and scree slopes. As with other evenings, we will share our stories, reflections and experiences from the day and make sure the horses are well looked after and securely tied up! 

July 27th: A diverse day of brilliant sightseeing completes this section; we begin at a newly renovated exhibit of Iceland’s independence hero, ‘Jón Sigurðsson’, then onto a waterfall, protected for its magnificence before stopping in Geirþjófsfjord, the location for one of the Westfjords’ best known sagas, ‘The Saga of Gísla Súrsson’, which we will read and bring to life through the landscape.

Our final stop is a stunning hot springs which looks out onto the ocean amidst a whirlwind of nesting terns and plovers. It is a fitting location to celebrate the end of Section 2, and from here you will be transferred to Ísafjörður where you can choose to camp (included) or find your own accommodation.