Day 1

The trail begins in the north of the Westfjords, just outside Ísafjörður. We start by walking the edge of a fjord, taking in the salty air and dramatic coastal dimensions. The day ends in a unique valley, where we will have a meal, hosted by a very special Icelandic farmer.

Day 2

We start with more coastal exploring, this time looking out onto the open ocean, and spending time foraging edible seaweeds and plants. We then take to the mountains, where your fitness is required and rewarded with gravity defying vistas. The day ends in a uninhabited valley containing a lot of primeval energy. 

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Day 3

We begin our day with a boat ride across the fjord, Dýrafjörður, landing in the Westfjords higest ´Alps´ region. Icelandic horses join the group to help carry our equipment and lend us their warmth and serenity. We climb steeply to reach a vast rocky plateau on top, before weaving our way south towards the riverside campsite. 

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Day 4

We continue our journey with the horses up a long valley, which has at its top, the Westfjords´ highest mountain, Kaldbakur (cold back in Icelandic!). We´ll let the horses rest whilst we climb the peak and enjoy the 360 degree views, before descending to pitch camp at the base of a huge hanging valley covered in herbs and waterways. 


Day 5

The penultimate day begins with a climb up into the hanging valley, and then a traverse around and down Iceland´s oldest extinct volcano. Its scree slopes are a fitting finale to our walk, often changing colour under the flux of weather conditions and light levels.  By the end, you might just feel like the volcano is still active, imbuing you and the land with a dancing vibrancy.   


Day 6

The final day of north Section finishes with an outstanding selection of Iceland culture. After a short walk to an exhibit detailing Iceland´s journey to independence, we board a boat and follow in the footsteps of Gísli Súrsson, the protagonist in one of Iceland´s epic sagas, all brought to life by a local storyteller. We fish for cod in the fjord before ending up at a truly beautiful hot spring for a well deserved soak and celebration.